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An Informed Consumer is Our Best Customer.

Did you know that NOT ALL GENERAC DEALERS even listed on their website are licensed by the State of Ohio for installations? Yes, this is true, simply because not all dealers do installations. Thus a company that claims licensing and uses another company for licensing is technically NOT LICENSED! So would that not be another flag of misleading advertising? Would you now trust them in your home or place of business? Always ask a company for THEIR license with THEIR company name on it! In addition, if a company makes superior claims of their 'years of experience' and you have only heard of them recently, isn't that just another way of not telling you the truth? Perhaps this is why some will not be listed with the local Chambers of Commerce nor with Angie's List. Even a 'pretty face' on a TV COMMERCIAL or at a Trade Show may NOT be telling you the TRUTH about their company or experience! Ask them: "How did YOU get in to the generator business? Are YOU, the owner/president licensed in the State? If not, then why? Frankly, how long has your generator business really been around?"

"Would you go to Barber Shop for a Medical Procedure since both professions involve cutting with sharp implements?"

We are not electricians who install generators once in a while like the rest. Rather, we install and service standby generator systems each and every day. (and once in a while we have time to do other electrical work ,too.)

We are a FULL SERVICE Standby Generator System Company with TOTAL COMMITMENT of proper system design and COMPLETE SATISFACTION of our customers!

No, we are not perfect, but we have always acted in harmony with the guidelines of the BBB from the founding of our business 30 years ago. In addition please see our reviews on Angie's List.

Thus we will never use any form of "bait" advertising, misleading superiority claims or "puffery" (exaggerated claims for promotional purposes that really cannot be proven).

Every day we maintain and service up to a dozen systems. Therefore, we feel that our track record and experience over the past 30 years speaks for itself, and with complete confidence, we feel that you will not find any other company more passionately devoted to this field of expertise in the area, nor more devoted to customer satisfaction!

We are the LEADING GENERAC "PREMIER" INDUSTRIAL DEALER in the area D.O.T. 49 CFR Certified for Natural Gas over the past 15 years. Even other Dealers listed on GENERAC'S website may NOT be qualified for installations involving natural gas. Why would anyone want to jeopardize their safety by hiring just any installer (and this includes the brother-in-law or uncle who does electrical work and says "I put one in once") or dealer who claims to be one? For these reasons and many others we strongly encourage you to analyze their claims, experience and warranty service abilities.

Oh, and just another fact: BOX STORES WILL NOT SAVE YOU MONEY! Rather they will COST YOU MORE by using anyone who signs up with them without experience and certification. Always remember: A part-time box store employee is working for the store without ANY knowlege of standby systems. They are there to sell product only by using sub contractors.

Those who may work on generators and install them just once in a while without certifications, will most likely cause you big expensive problems for you as the consumer down the road. Any problem calls made directly to Generac Power Systems will always be forwarded to our company first for resolution. I have personally, in disguise, questioned box store employees many times about generators and they have absolutely no clue what they are talking about. Thus they provide misleading and inaccurate information that may seriously cost you as the consumer.

My question is: Would you go to Barber Shop for a Medical Procedure?

Thus, an electrician is NOT a generator specialist (nor are big box store employees) and may even use deceptive advertising for appeal. Since when does the average good electrician fully understand the operational control system along with proper natural gas sizing and installation? (An improper installation can be costly and will not be covered under GENERAC'S warranty.)

We specialize in total turn-key installations for our customers and will stand behind our work and generator equipment 100%. We are totally dedicated to making your generator system installation worry free for you! It will be sized correctly according to your needs, whether for basic circuits or the entire house or facility.

We absolutely guarantee that all of our highly experienced electrical and generator specialists will provide you with the finest in neatness, service and quality.

In order to protect your WARRANTY and save you money we do not sell equipment outright and we never use subcontractors. Most important, we promise to always provide you with an upfront, all inclusive firm price in writing. No extras or unexpected surprises!

We are hard at work all around Northeast Ohio from the west side of Cleveland to Erie PA. and from Columbus to Pittsburgh, and through all of the Cuyahoga and Shenango valleys.

Cities in Ohio Served

Cleveland, Eastlake, Mentor, Willoughby, Madison, Painesville, Geneva, Ashtabula, Orwell, Andover, Conneaut, Akron, Youngstown, Medina, Grafton, Avon, Avon Lake, Bay Village, Sheffield Lake, Lorain, Middleberg Heights, North Royalton, North Ridgeville, Brunswick, Macedonia, Cuyahoga Falls, Olmsted Falls, Northfield, Columbia Station, Westlake, Lakewood, Rocky River, Ravenna, Chardon, Chesterland, Gates Mills, Hudson, Akron, Portage Lakes, Warren, Cortland

Counties in Ohio Served

Lake County, Geauga County, Summit County, Cuyahoga County, Ashtabula County, Trumbull County, Portage County, Lorain County, Mahoning County, Medina County

Cities in Pennsylvania

Erie, Sharon, Meadville, Girard, Linesville, Hermitage

Counties in Pennsylvania Served

Erie County, Mercer County, Crawford County

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